About Our Levels

Level 1:
A continuing introduction to Iyengar Yoga, taught by Richard, that builds strength, stamina and a basic understanding of the poses. Ideal for students who are new to Iyengar yoga; those coming back from lapsed practice, or an illness or injury; or any students who feel like getting back to basics.

Level 1 - 2:

Deeper and more detailed study of the basic asanas, including the standing poses. Headstand develops into head balance; shoulderstand is advanced to include variations; unsupported backbends are introduced. Students will expand their knowledge of Iyengar Yoga. There are several Level 1 - 2 classes to choose from: mornings, early evenings or weekends.


Level 2 - 3:

A more explicit understanding of the poses is taught, with regular inversions and backbends. Asanas are held longer. Students should be beginning to develop their own home practice. This class introduces Pranayama.


"All Yoga is Restorative" - BKS Iyengar

Ideal for all levels, this class involves a longer holding of the asanas, many of which are supported. Restorative yoga enables students to find a deeper relaxation and mindfulness. Ideal for all levels. Perfect for students who are returning to yoga after illness or an injury; those with lapsed practices, and for all of us who feel the need for relaxation and rejuvenation.